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Oak Road Ventures

Advisory to Family Offices, Financial and International Investment Hubs


Get to Know Us

Oak Road Ventures was founded in 2017 by James Martin to bring together expertise in fund placement, structure and growth.

In 2021, the organisation added the Investment Strategic Advisory Office (ISAO) to meet its partners' demands for mid to longer-term guidance on investment profiling and national investment hub development.

A key driver for the establishment of Oak Road Ventures was an understanding of the frustrations of many senior executives working with traditional consultancy projects, where a failure to manage the transition of strategy into delivery brought unacceptable delay. Leading on the actioning of an investment strategy is the added value delivered by Oak Road Ventures.  

We work with investment hubs, family offices and national authorities to establish and improve their business environments in accordance with international legal and regulatory standards. Our senior advisory team review and have expertise in all areas of the investment eco-system including the structuring of bankable projects and their promotion to investment opportunity, international financial centre and investment hub creation, sourcing of green and sustainable finance, financial governance, innovation and fintech.


As a leading international advisory business we offer expertise on how to develop financial and professional services ecosystems – ecosystems which, in turn, enable broad-based sustainable and inclusive economic growth throughout the host country and regional economy.

Grow Your Vision

The Team Experience:


Each member of Oak Road Ventures has worked on development projects with regulators, officials, and key private sector stakeholders in countries across the globe, from the EU, US & Asia, including Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nigeria, Qatar, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, UAE and Uzbekistan to help partners develop core financial infrastructure and investment potential.

In Terms of Value, Oak Road Ventures offers:


  • Multi- year experience as a trusted advisor to national authorities wishing to develop internationally recognised financial centres and investment hubs which conform to global standards;

  • Proven expertise developing frameworks, models and solutions for investment and trade growth;

  • In-depth knowledge of the political context and commercial sensitivities in key markets;

  • Successful delivery of high-impact policy recommendations and campaign messages to key stakeholders;

  • High-level long-term network within SWFs, development institutions and private capital funds;

  • The power to convene groups of technically competent subject matter experts from a variety of financial and related professional sources;

  • Effective communication and investment promotion management strategy which includes: coordination of event and forum participation, policymaker roundtables, working group and bilateral meetings to support trade and investment objectives and dialogue between national authorities, policymakers and the international investment sector;

  • Representation at highest level to communicate investment opportunity to key stakeholders;

  • Capacity building and talent pool / skillset development and supervision; and 

  • Risk management, monitoring and mitigation.


Building the Investment Eco-System


Oak Road Ventures engages with national authorities and sovereign funds to develop their country’s investment capability, project pipeline and outreach.


Engagement covers all areas of investment eco-system development including:

  •  International financial hub

  •  Investment Office creation, pipeline and initial due diligence

  •  Inward investment stakeholder mapping and introduction

  •  International promotion programmes.


We deliver through intensive stakeholder engagement, policy dialogue, strategic advice on regulatory environment and corporate governance, public sector capacity building and promoting global representation.

Oak Road Ventures has offices in Dubai, London (Oak Road Ventures Ltd: Company Number 14648471) and in Astana, Kazakhstan.

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